tucker ashley Ambassador Program

TA Ambassadors are highly motivated lovers of tucker ashley products and believe in our values and our mission.

What We Value: Love, Acceptance, Inclusiveness, Fun, Confidence, Compassion, Achievement, Passion, Family, Friends

Our Mission

  1. To beautify the world
  2. To inspire confidence, compassion, and acceptance
  3. To create value and make a difference

Why become a TA Ambassador

You know how you work best, and as a tucker ashley ambassador, you'll have the freedom to work at your own pace on your own schedule. It's totally up to you.

The way you begin earning income with tucker ashley is by sharing information about tucker ashley products. You can earn up to 40% on everything your unique discount code generates on a monthly basis.

  1. We provide TA Ambassadors with a quarterly $25 account credit to try tucker ashley products.
  2. We provide TA Ambassadors with a discount code to use for their own product purchases.
  3. We provide TA Ambassador with a unique 15% off discount code to share with their family, friends, and social media followers.
  4. TA Ambassadors earn commission based on the sales that their unique discount code generates on a monthly basis.
    If your discount code generates:
    1. $2499 or less – you will receive a 10% paid commission*
    2. $2500-4999 – you will receive a 15% paid commission *
    3. $5000 to $9999 – you will receive a 20% paid commission*
    4. $10000 to $24999 – you will receive a 25% paid commission*
    5. $25000 to $49,999 – you will receive a 30% paid commission*
    6. $50,000 to 99, 999 – you will receive a 35% paid commission*
    7. $100,000+ – you will receive a 40% paid commission*

TA Ambassadors Succeed with:

  1. Making at least 1 posting per week on social media about tucker ashley products – please don’t spam people
  2. Review tucker ashley products on tuckerashley.com
  3. Provide tucker ashley feedback on current products and new products you would like
  4. Share your unique discount code with as many people as possible

*Commission is calculated based on the rounded subtotal of the sale after all discounts, before taxes and shipping, using the unique discount code provided - commission cannot be calculated unless the unique discount code is used.

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