Exfoliating: What Is It?

Posted by tucker ashley on Oct 19th 2015

If you have any vested interest in skin care, you’ve most likely heard the word “exfoliating”. We all know it’s a good thing for our skin, but we should also know just exactly what it is and how it benefits us, as well as some of the best methods of exfoliation. In and of itself, exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells from the surface of the epidermis (the outer layer of skin). When we exfoliate, it leaves our skin looking fresher and smoother. In addition to this, exfoliating opens up our skin to skin care products so that they don’t have to pass through several layers to be effective. This makes it an important part of any skin care routine, hence the large variety of products to help in the process. There are several different methods of exfoliating, and as always, to each their own:

  • Mechanical – using abrasive products to rub off skin cells (ex: scrubs - like Tucker Ashley Microderm Renewal Cream, skin brushes)
  • Chemical – using chemical peels (ex: products containing AHAs, BHAs, or Enzymes - like Tucker Ashley Fruit Enzyme Mask)
  • Facial vs. Body – many recommend to concentrate on the face, but also to include the rest of the body in general. All of your skin should get a fair amount of attention.

Exfoliation is key for any skin care routine, which leads to the decision of which kind of product works best for your skin. Fortunately, TuckerAshley has a wide array of useful products to suit any skin type, including our vital Perfecting Moisturizer. There’s no better way to cherish the skin you’re in!