Posted by tucker ashley on Dec 29th 2017

The makeup we wear often serves as a reflection of who we are. What we put on our faces can show off our personality and artistry. That is why makeup looks can vary so widely and each individual embraces makeup in their own unique way. For some, minimal makeup is best suited for their lifestyle, while others prefer to be bold and colorful.

When we look the way we want—the way we see ourselves —we feel confident and prepared to face the world. That’s why primer is such an important step in any makeup routine. It gives you a base to begin with and support for your makeup. It can also serve as a way to forgo makeup altogether by giving you a soft, smooth look that can stand on its own. Diffusion, from Tucker Ashley, uses AruaSphere® technology to scatter light and soften the appearance of your skin, for a smooth, matte finish that is always perfect, with or without makeup.

You are the only person who can define you, and whatever makeup look you decide to create is bound to be beautiful. With Diffusion, you can blur the imperfections and establish a flawless base for your masterpiece. 

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