Acne System 10 Starter


Moderate Blemish Control

Our 3 step Acne System reduces oil, blemishes, and redness, while promoting smooth, healthy skin.

Great for all skin types including Oily, Blemish-prone, Sensitive and Uneven skin tones.

1. Mandelic Botanical Cleansing Gel - 4oz (114g)
A special botanical blend of goldenseal, hops, green tea, and pomegranate that features mandelic acid (AHA):
• Clarifies
• Helps eliminate environmental pollutants
• Helps eliminate impurities
• Tones
• Hydrates
• Contains no harsh detergents
• Paraben-free

2. M10 Mandelic Acid Serum - 1oz (30g)
Mandelic acid is the safest, most versatile alpha hydroxy acid for definative improvement of many skin issues.
Our unique 10% Mandelic Acid Serum:
• Gently dissolves and expels debris from clogged pores, while exfoliating and stimulating new collagen.
• Naturally helps regulate sebum production, while antibacterial properties help reduce and prevent breakouts.
• Accelerates skin cell turn-over, revealing softer, smoother, younger looking skin, while fading fine lines and wrinkles.
• Helps improve skin texture, as it brightens, revitalizes, and helps reduce uneven tone.
• Great for all skin tones and types, from dry to sensitive, especially if you have a sensitivity to glycolic, lactic, salicylic, or benzoyl peroxide.

3. Perfecting Moisturizer - 3oz (90g)
The only moisturizer you'll ever need.
• Oil-free
• Ceramides to protect
• Hyaluronic acid to hydrate
• Won't clog pores
Perfecting moisturizer is oil-free and provides multi-functional benefits. Hyaluronic Gel hydrates, while ceramides seal in moisture, giving you that lush, dewy appearance.

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