Winter is Coming

Posted by tucker ashley on Oct 26th 2015

With winter right around the corner, it’s important to think about how your skin care routine should change with the seasons. Having the heat on in your house will dry out your skin quickly, which is never a good effect. This makes it especially important to research and prepare the best course of action for treating your skin during the winter. There is one vital aspect of winter skin care that can be applied to any skin type, and that’s moisturizing. Lathering on extra moisturizer is helpful during any season, but most especially in the drier winter air. During the winter, the air around us becomes less and less humid as time goes by; the loss of moisture in the air leads to a loss of moisture in our skin as well. When moisturizing, you should make an effort to get every part of your body, rather than just your face. Your hands are especially prone to drying out, and it would help to give them extra attention; another great way of keeping moisture in your hands is to wear gloves constantly. So after recognizing the importance of moisturizing in the winter, the real question is: which product best suits your skin type? Perfecting Moisturizer by TuckerAshley is oil-free and contains ceramides to improve skin barrier functions and help your skin to retain moisture for longer periods of time. It’s a product that’s useful on any part of the body, most especially your face, but works equally well on your hands. This winter, make sure you’re ready with an essential moisturizer that will help you to cherish the skin you’re in.

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