Ceramides: Skin’s Natural Glue

Posted by tucker ashley on Dec 9th 2015

Take it all the way back to your biology class in high school and think about lipids: naturally-occurring molecules such as fats and waxes. Lipids are found throughout our bodies and they serve to store energy, act as chemical messengers and perform a wide variety of other vital tasks. Ceramides are a specific kind of lipid, and they are found in the skin’s most vulnerable layer: the stratum corneum. As a part of this layer, and along with cholesterol and other fatty acids, ceramides form a barrier to prevent water loss and also keep out microorganisms. Stable levels of ceramides are necessary for the health of your skin, without which we would not be able to function as complex organisms. This means that ceramides, tiny molecules you’ve never heard of, actually perform some of your body’s most essential functions. There does, however, come a problem with time: the loss of ceramides due to aging. Any kind of loss, regardless of age, could possibly lead to eczema or psoriasis, making it important for us to consider it in our skin care decisions. With time, our bodies produce less and less ceramides; this loss, along with that of collagen and elastin, creates problems. Firm and youthful skin requires healthy levels of ceramides, and one of the best ways to replenish these molecules is through skin care products. TuckerAshley’s Hydrating Facial Mask boosts collagen and elastin levels, while the Perfecting Moisturizer can be used as a way to replenish ceramides in your skin. Combine these advanced products and find out how to really cherish the skin you’re in.

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